About Our Company

UNIFI Solutions is committed to an exceptional level of excellence in the development of complex information technology solutions at several leading clients. Our involvement into the IT sector to offer the most intuitive high-quality IT products and services. Our enthusiastic professionals offer research driven mature services for every web requirement starting from:

  • Point of sales POS, Web designing & development
  • Wi-fi Hotspot management Software development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web hosting & Customer support
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Our Driving Force

To serve our customers with the highest Industry-standard specification and information, and to stay up to date with our industry in order to ease your decision making process for choosing a partner, and to increase your odds for success.

Our Vision

To be recognized in the region as a leading service provider in our scope of operation and maintaining the loyalty of our clients and employees.


UNIFI Solutions provides a variety of customized services, based on intellectual and industrial added value, within our service’s domains.